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Biden’s big gas price has failed: The Note

Who would have thought that it would be easier to pass a weapons law than to abolish the gas tax?

The “what to do” mantra brings weapons, which – to Washington’s surprise – is an unpleasant affair because there is a compromise on water in the Senate, which is due to obtain a final permit in the coming days. .

President Joe Biden’s similar protest scream over gas prices was heard, but was soon not heard in Congress halls. The cold reception, which welcomed his grand proposal for a tax holiday, shows the political problems facing Biden’s party.

No politician wants his constituents to pay more for a gas station, especially those who represent the party in power in an election year. Many Democrats are pleased to see that the White House takes this issue seriously about the purpose that people in their House are defending.

But while front-line Democrats look to optics instead of politicians, House Speakers have criticized the same proposals as tricks that consumers can’t afford, and trusted skepticism among moderates who think they are in short supply, the president’s call for summer gas holidays. he stopped before announcing it.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s response – “we’ll see where the consensus is” – says how much capital she wants to spend on the proposal. Senator Joe Manchin says cutting taxes for the pump doesn’t matter – and raising the political calendar is another reason for vigilance.

He’s coming in late September,” Manchin told Rachel Scott of ABC News. “Which politician will be voting here for a tax refund of 18 cents a month before the November elections? So we’re just digging a hole [deficit] deeper and deeper and deeper.

The water here is not shallow – especially when even politically quick voices are almost impossible.

Yesli Vega, a law enforcement officer and conservative backed by Sen. Ted Cruz and activist Ginni Thomas (wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas), will face one of the weakest Democrats in Virginia in November.

Vega was born to immigrants from El Salvador and was the first Latin to be elected to the Prince William County Supervisory Board. Some cited Vega’s victory on Tuesday primarily as a sign of growing Latino influence in the Republican Party.

“As the first Conservative Hispanic to win the Grand Republican Congress in Virginia, this is a historic opportunity for Hispanics throughout Virginia and our country,” Vega said in a statement.

He will oppose Rep. Abigail Spanberger of the 7th Congressional District in Virginia. The income advantage may not be enough to send Spenberger back to Washington as the GOP returns around the red seat.

As in Texas, some cited Mayra Flores’ special election victory in the state’s 34th district along the southern border as another signal of the Republican Party’s growing support within Latin American communities. Flores, a conservative born in Mexico, defeated his Democratic rival in an election earlier this month as a former MP. Serves Filemon Vela.

Some, including those in the democratic circles of the state, considered Flores’ victory a mistake as evidence of a shift in demographic preferences: they pointed to poor turnout in the by-elections. . and the fact that Flores will have to run again in November to maintain his office in the newly remodeled district will be more favorable to Democrats.

Context of all this: Both sides are seeking to enter this critical vote in November.

TIP with Alisa Wiersema

The Colorado primaries have a week to test the well-established campaign tactics that Democrats seem to rely on in the difficult medium term: to raise the worst primary candidate from the opposition in the hopes of winning before they finally fall behind in the general election. .

The strategy of reverse psychology is especially evident in the state Republican primary senate. In the last round of Tuesday’s election, there was a massive purchase of advertising by the Colorado Democratic Party PAC, which declared candidate Ron Hanks “too conservative for Colorado”, while supporting the rejection of the 2020 election, anti-abortion and the wall. on the southern border – everything that attracts red meat voters.

Hanks’ main Republican nod opponent, Joe O’Dea, did not support the misconception that the 2020 election was set; and although they support restrictions on access to abortion, O’Dea opposes the possible change of Roe v. Ford. As a more moderate Republican on the run, O’Dea would have a better chance of gaining the support of Colorado’s independent voters, and thus a more difficult general election challenge for the incumbent Democratic senator. Michael Bennet.

The situation is the second major example this year when Democrats have brought up an ultra-conservative rival who could provide some long-term advantage. Last month in Pennsylvania, State Sen. Doug Mastriano reached the top of the upcoming Republican governor primaries after ads backed by Democratic candidate Josh Shapiro named Mastrian “one of Donald Trump’s strongest supporters.”

Although this tactic has proved successful in previous elections, it remains to be seen whether it works in the current political situation. Three important months remain, and the National Republican Senate Committee has complained and filed a complaint with the FEC against what they called “Democrat illegal activity as part of their joint effort to harm Republican candidate Joe O’Dea of ​​Colorado.” “