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“Lightyear” was launched on Thursday with a solid $ 5.2 million in the preview

"Lightyear" was launched on Thursday with a solid $ 5.2 million in the preview

“Lightyear”, developed by Disney and Pixar, shook the coffers with a small example of $ 5.2 million on Thursday. “Lightyear,” which is a by-product of “Toy Story,” is expected to spend $ 70 million to $ 80 million on 4,200 silver screens in North America.

The first pandemic film of the season could have exceeded $ 1 billion without having a superhero, as Benedict Cumberbatch did in the following film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of the Universe. “Spider Man: No Way Home”, “Lightyear” should get to the top of the box office.

However, a bad move could be taken from the entire box office with the Universal “Jurassic World Dominion”, which debuted a huge $ 145 million. However, given the scale of inflation in the United States, which will eventually raise ticket prices significantly, the “light year” could be a week or two at the peak, analysts suggest. “Lightyear” sold for $ 5.2 million on Thursday
The plot of “Lightyear”, a by-product of Toy Story, as already mentioned, revolves around a fictional astronaut who inspired the action character Buzz Lightyear in the film and later became Woody’s BFF.

However, this “Light Year” will not be the same as before, and the fictional character of the astronaut is not expressed by Tim Allen either. Tim Allen lent his voice to all four “Toy Story” films.

In addition, the main concern of “Toy Story” is its profitability. It takes the film at least a month to generate a production budget, although it still holds an average of 65 percent per week, experts suggest. .

“Toy Story” has a budget of $ 200 million.