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One Piece 1055 Spoilers: Luffy Sense Shanks Haki And Momo Bolo Breath

Over here we have the preliminary spoilers of One Piece 1055. Thanks to various leakers, they have been updated and we have the overall outline of the chapter.

Needless to say, this is one scary and amazing chapter and we are so excited to talk about it.

Unfortunately for us all, once again, Oda sensei has avoided showing us the Strawhat bounties. Other than Luffy, all bounties are hidden. We hope that the next chapter might have them.


Fans always have had divided opinions on Shanks himself. Some hype him up to huge levels, while the others downplay him due to lack of feats.

However, One Piece Chapter 1055 might come close to proving that Shanks is entirely on a different level, at least that’s what it seems like.


One Piece 1055 Spoilers:

The title of the chapter is New Era. The color spread is a One Piece Film: Red Poster from Oda sensei.

Ryokugyu turned out to be highly troublesome for Momo. He gets beaten up by the Admiral. He still refuses help though.

The fight continues and the admiral even manages to catch a few scabbards, and he begins sucking out their nutrients.

Eventually, he gets all of them on the defensive and is about to win. Yamato suggests asking for Luffy’s help.


Momo insists that they must not do this. Luffy is an outsider and now, Yamato is free as well. Wano must become self-sufficient in order to survive.

Ryokugyu says that if Kaido was here, he wouldn’t have come. The former Yonko’s presence kept enemies at bay.


In this deeply challenging moment, Momo manages to shoot his Bolo Breath. It does not do great damage but Ryokugyu starts to take this dragon seriously.

Meanwhile, Robin and Sukiyaki go to the secret room of the latter. They find a passageway that is to the ground. Law joins them.

While the former Shogun never said anything about this to anyone, Kaido’s Cyojin managed to sniff out the Poneglygh.

The trio travels downwards to reach the depths of the sea. The water has been blocked out by glass.

Here, they see the ruins of an ancient city. There is more to Wano than meets the eye.

Long ago, Wano was a much larger nation. The country was locked up by creating huge walls all around it.

However, rain and flood plagued the land, causing it to submerge, and then the water fell out of the top. That is what created the gigantic waterfalls of Wano.

The people, around 800 years ago, chose to build a new nation at the bottom of Mt Fuji and that is the current Wano country.

As they reach the room of the Road Poneglyph, Robin is fascinated. Only one more is needed until they reach the Laugh tale.

Deep below this room is the place where the Ancient Weapon Pluton is kept. But Sukiyaki does not know about it.

In order to bring out Pluton, the borders of Wano must be opened. This means Oden’s opening of the border means to destroy the walls and to let out Pluton!

Along his journey, Oden must have discovered something that Warranted the unleashing of the ancient weapon.


Meanwhile, as Ryokugyu plans to get serious, he is stopped. Black lightning appears and he feels paralyzed and painful.

He realizes that this is the Haki of Red Hair Shanks. The Yonko is angry and is actively using his power.

In One Piece manga 1055 spoilers, Shanks says that he won’t let Ryokugyu take out the new leaves so soon. He thinks of Luffy, Momo, Hiyori, and Uta and wants to usher in the New Age.

Ryokugyu decides that he has to back off since fighting the Red Hair Pirates is not something he wants to do right now.

Meanwhile, we see Luffy sitting with Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe. They realize that Ryokugyu is gone and Momo does not need them to step in and help.

However, even though he is impressed, Luffy does not understand that this Haki belongs to Shanks himself. Still, the image of Shanks did pop up in Luffy’s mind.

No Break Next Week

Good news everyone, there is no break next week and chapter 1056 will be published on time.

These are the early confirmed spoilers from the One Piece subreddit. The raw scans are finally out to read but we will have to wait a while before we get to read the English scans.

One Piece 1055 manga spoilers will be updated soon to add new leaks. So stay tuned and keep visiting Recent Highlights for the latest One Piece manga news.